Thursday, October 27, 2011

"We Are the Fourth Estate"

Amy Goodman talks about Democracy Now! arrests and the settlement she and her producers received for their September 1 unlawful arrest at the Republican Convention.

The videos of the arrest became the most watched YouTube videos within the first two days of the Republican Convention. They went viral and because of the major grassroots response, they were released from jail.The lawsuit claimed a violation of the First Amendment rights of Amy and her producers as well as unlawful arrest under the Fourth Amendment.

There was no probable cause or legal basis for the arrest, but most importantly the violation of the First Amendment right of journalists to cover the news. You can't get news if journalists aren't there to cover it.

Goodman said: "We are not there for the state, we are the fourth estate. We are not there to cover for power, but to cover power and to cover the movements that create static and make history. And we've got to get out there on the front like and we cannot be inhibited from that."

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