Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strength in Empowerment

As we've seen from other civil movements, the corporate system does not like when the people confront them as flawed. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now said, "Corporate America has a problem when so many people have been disempowered and left out of the system...they see all of these issues as linked." Therefore, the extent to which the Occupy Wall Street movement has grown, she said resembles that of a civil rights movement.

Goodman said, "These people are very clear about what they want, and what they want is an end to the corporate coup d'etat that has been carried out...people work by consensus, consider issues and decide what to do next."

She related this coming together of people in the Occupy Wall Street movement to the unity that was created by Asmaa Mahfouz in Egypt. One person's plea amounted to a civil revolution that ousted Mubarak from Presidency. Similarly, the empowerment that Occupy Wall Street is giving its people has the potential of amounting to an American Revolution that could change the role of corporate America in our lives forever.

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